Annual Fitness Challenge Stokes Interoffice Competition and Fuels Healthy Habits

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This past May, the entire team at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos took part in an office-wide annual fitne

ss challenge. Staff used Fitbits to track steps and activity levels and competed in special events and challenges throughout the month in an effort to promote healthy habits.

Challenge organizer, Robin Neill, Firm Administrator, explained how the challenge came about. “We got the idea from the Orange County Bar Association; they do this every year. We thought it would be a good way to promote healthy habits, get people moving more, and build camaraderie. So the firm bought Fitbits for everyone and we came up with a calendar and jumped in.

By all accounts the challenge was a huge success with all members of the firm participating.


Points for Steps and More

Fitbits are well-known for tracking the number of steps a user takes in a day, but the DWKMRS challenge included activities beyond steps. Cognizant of the fact that this was an office challenge and that some team members are tied to their desks more than others, the planning committee had to figure out a way to level the playing field for everyone.

Participants gained points for the amount of steps they took along with additional opportunities to earn points.

For example, participation in a group cycling class earned participants points as did taking a walk during lunch on certain days. Increasing steps from one Monday to the next was another way to earn extra points.

Certain dates during the month held special challenges like a healthy recipe exchange, a sleep challenge, digital detox day, and meditation day. Participation in each special date was another opportunity to earn extra points.

I was not in fitness mode before this challenge, it was more like lazy mode, but I’ve hit every challenge so far and I like it. I’m biking and taking more steps. I walked 14 miles one day,” said Paralegal Amanda Angel.

This challenge has been great. I’m very competitive so this has motivated me to adopt healthier habits. I’m most engaged in my step count, but am using the challenge as a tool to propel me into a lifestyle change. I don’t want to stop once May ends.” said Stacy Douglas, Paralegal at DWKMRS.

Legal Assistant, Hayden Campbell agreed: “It’s very motivating. It makes you want to get up and get your steps in. I was in a golf tournament one day and I made a point to walk the course as much as possible, just to boost my step count. It was hot, but worth it.

Same Time Next Year?

When asked if the challenge would be resurrected next year, everyone was enthusiastic, noting how much fun they had and how it brought the entire team together.

The one caveat? “Just maybe do it in a cooler month.” joked Paralegal, Amanda Angel.

And the Winner Is….

So, with all of the walking taking place and challenges accepted, who was the inaugural DWKMRS Fitness Challenge Winner? Drum roll please… Amanda Angel. She had a grand total of 369,421 steps and 44 points. Amanda won a $100 gift card to Track Shack.

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