Bill Tonelli Goes Back To School To Talk Shop With High School Students

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The life of an attorney may seem glamorous to those on the outside. Boone High School Law Magnet students learned the reality is a little bit different. Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier, and Sos, LLP’s own Bill Tonelli recently met with a group of Boone students as part of the Law & Government Explorers Club Post #450.Here he discussed the reality of a career as a personal injury attorney.

Below is an interview with Bill about his discussion with the students.

Q&A With Boone High School Law Magnet Students

Q: What was the overall mission of your discussion with the Boone High School Law Magnet Students?

A: “My objective was to give the students a glimpse into the life of a personal injury lawyer. I hoped to provide insight into what I love about my job, along with some of the challenges we face. “

Q: Why did you feel it was critical to discuss Personal Injury Law 101 with these students?

A: “The discussion was less about the need to discuss Personal Injury Law with these students. It was more about meeting with students to expose them to legal careers at this point in their lives. I relayed to the students that I didn’t know any lawyers growing up. I wished that I had a legal program at my high school like they did. I would have had an opportunity to get exposed to the law at such an early age.”

Q: What do you believe was the value in this presentation for the students?

A: “Hopefully the value was in seeing what makes our job so rewarding. We literally have the ability to help families during their darkest hour.”

Q: What specific topic(s) under Personal Injury Law 101 did the students enjoy learning about? For what reason?

A: “I think they enjoyed learning about how a large part of our job is acting as a ‘civil detective’. We have to peel the onion back to dive deep into a case. Canvassing accident scenes, taking witness statements, and the challenges faced during litigation.”

Q: During the Q&A session, what was the question asked by a student that impacted you the most and why?

A: “One of the questions asked was about my thoughts on billboards with people holding big checks. I relayed to the students that those signs usually bring sadness. I know that anyone holding a sizeable check has seen significant trauma in their life, whether it’s losing a loved one, or sustaining a catastrophic injury. If there is significant value to a personal injury claim, that means there are significant damages/injuries/losses.”

Q: What are your future plans for more events with our local Orange County students? Can you share the details?

A: “I don’t have any set plans, but I did advise the chair of the committee that I would love to get more involved.”

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