What you need to know about the “Mirena crash”

Some women experience the “Mirena crash” after they use the Mirena intrauterine device (IUD). This crash consists of symptoms that come up after a woman has their IUD removed. If you believe you are dealing with these symptoms, get medical help. Along with this, look for Orlando medical malpractice attorneys who can help you hold […]

Medical Malpractice: Anesthesia Care Team

anesthesia-malpractice-central-florida-DWKMRS Law

The practice of anesthesiology has changed dramatically in the last several decades. The days of having a physician anesthesiologist present and managing care throughout the surgery are largely gone and replaced with an “Anesthesia Care Team” directed and supervised by the physician anesthesiologist. Knowing how and what to ask your anesthesia care team can help […]

EMR Systems and Medical Malpractice

By Federal Law, every hospital in the U.S.A has converted their medical record keeping system to a digital system. These systems are commonly known as “Electronic Medical Records” (EMR systems). Though this transition is mandatory, some specialties and facilities are not up to date with EMR systems. The implementation of digital record keeping through EMR […]

Medicare Fraud and Malpractice

DO NO HARM? A local doctor violated his oath and took advantage of the most vulnerable Most doctors consider the Hippocratic Oath – do no harm to patients – a sacred ethical statement that guides them through their careers. Unfortunately, there are doctors who prey on their patients for financial gain. One way these unethical […]

Potential Risks of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgical systems are often described as a breakthrough in medical technology. Yet some doctors only get a week of training before they utilize the robots in surgery. Is that enough training? Da Vinci Robotic surgery hysterectomy lawsuits have been filed by women alleging that pieces of the da Vinci robot were left inside their […]

Medication Errors: Incorrect Dosages Put Patient Safety at Risk

Dosing errors – also known as ‘simply taking a tad too much or too little of a medication’ – can have devastating consequences. Indeed dosing errors may seem harmless, but in fact, these errors can cause short or long-term damage, life-altering injuries, and in severe cases, even death. Unfortunately, these types of errors are very […]

Relationship Between Chiropractic And Stroke: Katie May Stroke Case

In early 2016, fans were shocked to learn that Katie May, a popular Playboy model and Snapchatter, had suffered a stroke and died following a chiropractic visit. The coroner ruled that a blunt force injury sustained during neck manipulation by the chiropractor had torn a hole in an artery in her neck. This cut off […]

Pediatric Retinoblastoma: Seeking Legal Help From An Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorney

After the shock of a pediatric retinoblastoma diagnosis wears off, many parents wonder, “Should we seek legal help?” Consulting with a medical malpractice attorney can help families make peace with the situation by ensuring they have done all they can to further protect their child and other children from issues stemming from a pediatric retinoblastoma […]