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Medicare Fraud and Malpractice


A local doctor violated his oath and took advantage of the most vulnerable

Most doctors consider the Hippocratic Oath – do no harm to patients – a sacred ethical statement that guides them through their careers. Unfortunately, there are doctors who prey on their patients for financial gain. One way these unethical doctors accomplish this is through Medicare fraud.

Our client was the victim of one such doctor. After this doctor performed multiple unnecessary procedures, our client lost his leg from the knee down. Prior to the procedures, he had only a 5% chance of losing his leg. This horrific result was completely avoidable. Our expert carefully examined the medical records and concluded that not a single one of the twelve procedures our client underwent was necessary.

Doctors can commit Medicare fraud in a number of ways that patients never suspect are substandard medical practice.

This fraudulent doctor targeted everyone who walked into his office, but he particularly focused on the most vulnerable people in society: older people with health issues. Patients with no spouse or children are especially ideal targets for these doctors, as there is no one to file a medical malpractice case after death.

DWKMRS represents clients who have fallen victim to doctors who practice predatory
medicine. No one should have to suffer as our client has.

If you believe that you or a loved one have been taken advantage of in this way, contact us for a free consultation to discuss whether you’re entitled to compensation. Call today: 407-244-3000