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Product Liability

Sometimes, products can fail and have serious, devastating consequences. When these tragic accidents happen as a result of a product malfunction, contact our team of experienced attorneys so that we can help determine who is at fault and get you and your family on the road to recovery.

Understanding Product Liability

The quest for a competent, experienced Florida product liability lawyer can be disheartening. Whether your child suffered a laceration when he bit into an unsafe toy; your minivan swerved off the road thanks due to a faulty steering column component; or your mother suffered a broken hip after her walker collapsed due to an engineering flaw, you need clear-headed, strategic, and trustworthy advise about precisely what to do to seek recovery for all the costs associated with the damage, including surgical bills, rehab costs, pain and suffering, and long-term care costs.

Since 1989, the team at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP has been battling on behalf of personal injury victims throughout the state of Florida. While other injury firms have amassed significant wealth by “churning” through cases, often settling them quickly and for far less than victims might have been able to acquire, our model puts our clients first and foremost.

We are highly selective in whom we represent for a reason. We want our clients to feel understood, listened to, and supported throughout the process. We leverage significant resources to hold wrongdoers and negligent or careless companies accountable.

Product Liability Legal Help

Designers and manufacturers of products are held to strict liability standards. That is, even if a company took great care in designing and testing its product; if that product causes harm due to a defect, then the company is legally responsible for that harm.

Since there is no uniform federal product liability law, if you suffered damages in Florida, you need attorneys who understand the nuances, judge made laws, and idiosyncrasies of Florida law.

On a superficial level, you may believe that you have a bulletproof case. Perhaps, for instance, a sprocket on a children’s toy broke off and nearly choked your toddler. Maybe you have even read online about other parents who had similar experiences with the toy.

Truth be told, product liability cases are often vastly more complicated than they appear to be at first. Whether the issue stemmed from a design or manufacturing flaw, an assembly problem, or confusing instructions, your Florida product liability lawyer must meticulously and powerfully demonstrate the cause and effect relationship between the defect and your injuries.

DWKMR&S has been serving the Florida community since 1989. We have won a reputation for excellent legal research, stellar courtroom performance, and excellent client management.

Our firm is capable of handling complicated product liability cases. We have the resources and the team to deliver high value results, even in cases that might confound other experienced firms.


"Attorney King did a great job representing me for my motorcycle accident. He kept me well informed and negotiated a great settlement for me."



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Talk to a Florida product liability lawyer with DWKMR&S today or call 888-726-6735 for a free case evaluation. We will answer all of your questions. We provide our clients with a special kind of representation known as contingency basis representation. In this model, clients pay fees and costs only if and when we win a settlement or win a trial verdict on their behalf.

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