Building Defects

Defects in Buildings: Understanding What Went Wrong and How to Get Help

The possible defects in buildings that can lead to accidents, injuries, and death are surprisingly diverse. Common building issues include mechanical defects and problems with doors and windows; foundational and structural failures; volatile organic compound (VOC) degassing; framing problems; cheaply manufactured wood for a banister and dry rot.

Whether you stepped through a rotted floor board on a building site and lacerated your right leg; or your child suffered a concussion after inhaling VOCs that leached from a structure in your condominium, a Florida attorney at the reputable injury law firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can help you address the challenges, hold wrongdoers and careless and negligent parties accountable, and collect a recovery to pay for your surgical and medical bills, pain and suffering, time lost at work, and long-term rehabilitation therapy.

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The Complicated Path to Remedy

Parsing whether a building defect caused or contributed to your injury may be more difficult and complicated than it seems to you right now. You may feel like you have a grip on what caused your injury – for instance, perhaps a rung on a wooden ladder gave way, causing a slip and fall and concussion injury. But a deeper probe of the accident’s true causes may reveal other problems, such as unfair business practices or negligence or fraud.

Moreover, the most frustrating building-defect injuries involve long-term, subtle, chronic damage. For instance, a work place that exposes its employees to unhealthy levels of indoor contaminants, molds, and VOCs can increase employee risk for emphysema, lung diseases, and coronary events.

To win an injury case, your lawyer must draw up and defend a convincing argument that links negligence, carelessness, or failure to act with your injuries and costs. In chronic injury cases, proving this “cause and effect” requires extensive preparation, meticulous research, and probing and vetting of other potential causes. For instance, if you smoked when you worked in a building that degassed significant VOCs, you may have difficulty proving that your lung ailment stemmed from the VOCs as opposed to your cigarette habit.

No matter what happened, DWKMR&S can rise to the challenge and deliver results. We have done so successfully for many clients in situations even significantly more complicated than the hypothetical we just discussed above.

Defects in Buildings Can Disrupt Your Life

Building problems can force your family to abandon your home, incur huge short-term expenses for things like hotel rentals and moving costs, and generally throw your life into disjointed chaos.

At DWKMR&S, we specialize in taking care of customers as opposed to maximizing our business by settling many cases quickly. We provide services on contingency to empower our clients to get the help they need when they need it. Enjoy our free resources online, or call our team for a free, thorough, and confidential consultation at 888-726-6735.



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