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Unpacking Complex Business Tort Claims

If a corporation or other organization committed a civil wrong, known as a business tort, you may need the services of a reputable Florida litigation attorney to claim damages stemming from the wrong, such as fraud, unfair completion, falsifying financial documents, forgery, embezzlement, or violation of fiduciary responsibilities.

Perhaps a joint venture partner violated a contractual obligation and cost your Florida firm millions, indirectly. Or maybe you and your family suffered direct harm when an independent contractor misrepresented himself or his business. In any case, you may be confused about your rights, overwhelmed by the logistical and legal hurdles facing you, and frustrated by the lack of creditable resources to help you navigate your challenges.

Respected Counsel for Business Tort Victims

The law firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP is devoted to helping consumers and personal injury victims hold wrongdoers and malevolent or negligent companies responsible for their actions (or failures to act).

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Whereas many Florida law firms that handle torts strive, seemingly single-mindedly, to take on as many clients as they can to generate revenue; we see our role very differently. We see our clients as under our protection. We go to great lengths to help them obtain recoveries, understand their rights and obligations, and protect them from future harm.

The Complex World of Business Tort Law

Whether an unscrupulous editor stole valuable intellectual property, a business in your market cheated or violated a law to gain an unfair competitive edge, or a former partner violated a fiduciary duty to you or your organization, the path to remedy may be complicated, confusing and full of obstacles. Whether you lost a key business relationship or suffered harm as a result of a contract breach, the astute team at DWKMR&S will put you back in control.

We provide contingency representation (you pay no fees or costs unless we win or settle your case) as well as a vast array of free resources online here. We have established a reputation as diligent researchers and passionate courtroom performers not only among clients but also among our legal peers.

The Importance of Moving Quickly

In tort cases, time is almost always of the essence. The longer you wait to obtain experienced counsel to strategize, consolidate evidence, and initiate proceedings, the more challenging your work becomes. Documents with key evidence may get lost or destroyed. Witnesses may forget or misremember relevant testimony. And the statute of limitations on your case may even elapse, if you wait excessively.

Protect your rights, and allow the lawyers at DWKMR&S to design and implement an effective case for you. Call the team now at 888-726-6735, or peruse our site for more about our philosophy, background, and track record.


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