Car accidents

Car Accidents

A Florida Accident Attorney Offers Vital, Strategic Help: Restore Your Life after a Car Accident

A Florida accident attorney can provide essential strategic assistance, whether a careless teenage driver sideswiped your van and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage; or a fatigued trucker operating on methamphetamines jagged across lanes, smashed into your sedan, and gave your spouse a serious head injury.

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Car Accident Factors: Enormous and Diverse

No matter how you slice accident statistics, the numbers are scary. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) famously reported that 40,000+ people die on US roads annually. Millions more are injured, many severely. Factors that can influence the severity of an accident run the gamut. They include: sizes of the vehicles involved in the collision; the evasive action drivers took; when victims got medical care; the quality of that medical care; and the efficacy (or lack thereof) of safety features like airbags and seat belts. The experienced Florida personal injury firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP has single-mindedly fought for the rights of Florida accident victims since 1989. In our over two decades of experience, we have helped victims obtain recoveries for damages like medical and surgical bills, lost time at work, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and, in some cases, punitive damages. To discuss your case, please speak with a Florida accident attorney now. Our first and primary focus is helping our clients. We strive both to help them obtain the maximum damages possible and to hold wrongdoers (such as negligent, careless or malevolent drivers) responsible for their actions. We keep our client roster limited, so that each client we represent benefits from our meticulous research, astute pretrial preparation, and convincing and compelling courtroom performances.

Car Accident Lawsuits – More Complex and Subtle Than You May Realize

Whether a careless tourist returning from Disney World plowed into your bumper at a stoplight and gave your youngest son whiplash; or a speeding, DUI driver hit your car in traffic and then sped off before police apprehended him three miles later; you may be under the impression that your case is pretty “cut and dry.” In other words, you may believe that the job of your Florida accident attorney is simply to prove what you already know is true about your case. But the true facts of the accident may be surprising and revelatory – and may give you additional options and avenues to obtain recovery for your medical bills and other financial needs. For instance, reconsider our first example. Obviously, the careless tourist might be a candidate defendant because he neglected to hit the brakes in time to avoid your car. But further forensic investigation may reveal that the brakes in the tourist’s car were defective. In this case, not only might he be liable but also the designer, installer, or manufacturer of his defective brakes might be responsible. Car accident victim settles for more than $300,000: originally offered $6,000! Read more…

Retaining the Right Florida Accident Attorney Quickly

The team at DWKMR&S represents injury victims on a contingency basis. You will only pay fees or costs if and when we obtain a settlement in your favor or win a trial verdict for you. Our aim is to make the process as straightforward, easy, relaxed, and efficient as possible for you. Review our online resources to educate yourself about your rights and resources, or dial our offices at 888-726-6735 to schedule a consultation.


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Car accident victim settles for more than $300,000: originally offered $6,000!