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A Florida Construction Negligence Lawyer: The Intuition, Experience and Knowledge to Obtain Results

When you first started working on your project, a Florida construction negligence lawyer was the last person you thought you would ever need to call. Whether you slipped and fell on a poorly mounted girder and sprained a ligament in your left knee; suffered a serious electrocution burn due to a co-worker’s negligence or incompetence; or developed chronic wheezing and lung ailments after inhaling a burst of vaporized tar, you and your family now must contend with a mountain of logistical, medical, and financial problems. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous. Not only do sites house large machinery, toxic chemicals and compounds, and heavy and sharp building materials, but they also change frequently and dynamically as projects proceed.

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The sheer variety of hazards and their changing nature can make construction accident personal injury cases complicated to litigate. The experienced Florida injury attorneys at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP designed their practice specifically to empower and support injury victims. For more than 21 years, our team has relentlessly and aggressively focused on maximizing our clients’ recoveries and holding wrongdoers accountable. We passionately believe in putting our clients first, so we carefully screen all candidate plaintiffs. Not all Florida law firms are as discriminating. Indeed, many firms settle cases way too quickly simply to collect commissions and free up resources to take on ever more new clients. The team at DWKMR&S, on the other hand, is not looking for the quick “win” but rather the maximum benefit for our clients.

Why Your Choice of Florida Construction Negligence Lawyer Matters

The variables at play in most construction accident cases are dizzying. Consider a seemingly simple case, in which an assistant to a foreman drops a heavy beam on his foot and winds up saddled with $75,000 in medical and rehabilitation bills. What negligent party or parties could be held liable? Depending on the nature and circumstances of the injury, the class of defendants could include the foreman, the construction company, the owner of the property, a sub-contractor, the designer or manufacturer of the bar, and any insurance company that represents any liable party. The sheer dynamism of what happens on sites also creates confusion and leads to the fast deterioration of potentially useful evidence. For instance, if a forensic investigator fails to assess allegedly dangerous conditions on a site quickly after an accident, victims may find themselves at a significant disadvantage. In just a few weeks’ time, the site may look completely differently. Your Florida construction accident attorney may thus be compelled to use indirect methods, such as leveraging remembered witness testimony and medical documents, to make a case for you. Construction worker hit and nearly killed by 480-foot communication tower. Read more…

Developing a Smart and Proactive Approach to Your Case

Whether you or a family member just suffered an injury, concussion, or toxic exposure this afternoon; or you have delayed seeking help for days or weeks, now is the perfect time to connect with a Florida construction negligence lawyer at DWKMR&S for a free and confidential consultation. Unless we obtain a recovery for you, you pay no costs or fees. Call the firm at 888-726-6735. We also have a large library of free resources online to help you understand your rights and resources as an injury victim.


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Construction worker hit and nearly killed by 480-foot communication tower.