Elder Financial Abuse

Protection Against Elder Financial Abuse in Florida: Understanding Your Rights and Getting Compensation

Elder financial abuse takes many devious forms. A scam artist might siphon funds from an elder’s bank account, secretly transfer assets into a risky investment, or slowly, methodically withdraw sums using a stolen card. Scam artists who exploit the elderly also use less obvious but no less destructive means. An unlicensed annuities broker, for instance, might encourage a senior to sign a contract that gives the senior a raw deal. Entire institutions and corporations can also exploit seniors by improperly taxing their property or assets, leveraging their private information inappropriately, or compelling an elder person to sign a document, such as a will or contract, that sets the stage for future exploitation.

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A Florida lawyer with Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP can help you and your family if a senior in your life has been the victim of fraud, theft, or other kinds of exploitation. Many Florida injury firms are designed to take on as many client cases as possible. Sadly, the attorneys at these firms often do not give victims the attention their cases deserve and settle for far less than what the client should or could get with best practices.

DWKMR&S takes a polar opposite point of view. For more than 20 years, our compassionate, experienced attorneys have focused exclusively on advocating for victims and ensuring that they get a fair deal. We will hold negligent, careless, and abusive parties accountable.

The Downstream Effects of Elder Financial Abuse

Whether the senior you care about lost $40,000 in a terrible investment or got kicked off her life insurance plan because a con artist urged her to dump her policy for a dubious deal, the ultimate ramifications of this abuse can be profound and even life-threatening. Many seniors depend on their retirement funds, properties, and assets to see them through their golden years, pay for medical care, and support the next generation. Moreover, a senior who has been robbed or who has experienced a major financial setback may suffer depression. Without money to pay for expensive drug treatments or therapies or trips to see grandchildren, the victim loses far more than the monetary value of the cash and property taken.

Profound Value of Experienced Representation

The burden of proof on plaintiffs in elder financial abuse cases is high. Although you may believe that the evidence supporting your claim is very strong, if not bulletproof, you might be surprised by how resistant and resilient the defense can be. The attorneys at DWKMR&S will scrutinize the details of the alleged abuse, leverage trusted investigative resources, craft an effective pre-trial strategy, and deliver a memorable courtroom performance, if necessary.

We understand that victimized seniors and their families may not have the means upfront to invest in legal services, so we take elder abuse cases on a contingency basis. What this means is that our clients only pay fees or costs if and when DWKMR&S wins a settlement or a trial verdict for them. Learn more about our reputable, supportive approach to personal injury law by looking over our free online resources; or call our attorneys today at 888-726-6735, toll free, for a free consultation, and get answers to the pressing questions you and your family currently face.


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