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Florida nursing home negligence is a tragedy that often goes underreported. The National Elder Abuse Incidence study, for instance, found that only approximately 16% of senior abuse and neglect cases are reported to authorities. The National Center on Elder Abuse has argued that the problem of nursing home understaffing may cause or contribute to thousands of deaths and illnesses every year in Florida and throughout the U.S. Moreover, victims of Florida nursing home negligence may lack the resources, capacities, and support structure to end the wrongdoing and get good help quickly.

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Many Faces of Florida Nursing Home Negligence

Neglect can take many forms. For instance, a caregiver may simply misplace or forget a senior’s medication, indirectly causing the senior to suffer a seizure or other life-ending side effect. In some cases, the negligence and abuse may be more intentional. For instance, an overwhelmed caregiver may simply lock a senior in her room to avoid having to care for her – or may even prevent the senior from socializing as “punishment” for failing to cooperate.

Legal Help Now

The Florida injury firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP has been fighting for the rights of abuse and neglect victims for 21 years. Unlike many other injury law firms, which take on as many cases as possible to generate as much business as possible, we pride ourselves on our patient, meticulous and client-centered philosophy. We strongly believe that victims deserve understanding, empathy, and significant resources. To that end, we take our time and offer services to a small, deserving group of clients. We can help you obtain recovery for damages, such as medical or surgical bills stemming from a bedsore infection or an accidental prescription medication overdose. Our attorneys are skilled at handling Florida nursing home negligence, and we provide free, safe consultations to answer all of your relevant questions.

Understanding the Root of the Neglect and Abuse, and Getting Beyond It

Victims in dysfunctional Florida nursing homes may not even be fully cognizant of the scope of their caregiver’s carelessness and negligence. Victimized seniors may “get used to” being denied socialization time; being locked away from family, friends, and other visitors; and being “punished” for disagreeing with caregivers. The cost of inaction can be high. An immobilized senior, for instance, who does not get turned over regularly can develop bedsore lesions. These are profoundly uncomfortable, and they can get infected and cause secondary and tertiary medical problems, such as clotting, full body sepsis, stroke, and even death.

Meticulous Preparation, Active Help, Long-Term Support

Whether you just recently discovered that a caregiver failed to give your great uncle his liver medication for the past six months; or you suspect that your elderly mother has been mistreated, the team at DWKMR&S can work with you to develop and execute a systematic plan to end the abuse and neglect and get your beloved senior re-situated in a better environment. DWKMR&S provides representation on contingency. This means that we front all costs of investigating the abuse and neglect, developing pretrial resources, and going to court. You only pay fees or costs if and when we recover a settlement or trial award. Learn more about what sets our team apart, explore free resources here at our site, [Links to Free Resources]or dial 888-726-6735 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to get your urgent questions about Florida nursing home negligence answered now.


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In a case of Florida nursing home negligence, a 97 year old patient dies after chronic neglect. DWKMR&S successfully negotiated a settlement for the family.