Unnecessary Surgery

An Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorney: Obtain Recovery for Costs of Unnecessary Surgery

The search for an Orlando medical malpractice attorney online may feel confusing, overwhelming, and scary, especially if you or someone you care about has recently been victimized by complications stemming from unnecessary surgery. Although Florida boasts some of the best hospitals and surgical centers in the United States, careless, negligent, and simply unqualified surgeons do practice in the state.

Whether a delivery room doctor failed to perform during a birthing emergency, and your newborn daughter suffered brain damage from meconium inhalation; or an oncologist ordered your husband to undergo unnecessary surgery that resulted in vast medical complications, you need structured, strategic legal help to figure out your next steps.

The Florida personal injury firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP has the reputation, experience, and knowledge of Florida malpractice laws to help you obtain a recovery and hold negligent or careless physicians responsible. Since 1989, we have focused exclusively on personal injury law.

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While many law firms maximize their revenue by taking on (and settling quickly) as many cases as they can, we employ a far more client-centered philosophy. We scrutinize potential clients and only agree to represent a fraction of those who seek our services. We do this because we want to provide the most personalized, comprehensive, and successful representation possible.

Understanding your rights as a victim can empower you. Speak with our lawyers, who are skilled in handling medical malpractice and unnecessary surgery cases. Your consultation is free, and we can answer all concerns you have about your case.

Making Sense of What Happened and Developing a Personalized Strategy

Each unnecessary surgery case is different. An enormous variety of factors can influence the victim’s chances of recovering. These include the nature and severity of the surgical incompetence; the quality of care provided afterwards; the presence or absence of complicating medical factors; and the emotional support that the victim receives from friends and family.

Challenges for victims of medical malpractice and their families are intense, simultaneous and confusing. They include immediate medical crises (i.e. recovering from the failed surgery), insurance struggles, other logistical problems, and your own swerving emotional reactions.

What Sets an Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorney Apart?

The experienced team at DWKMR&S can assist you with resources, skills, and deep knowledge of Florida malpractice law. Throughout your case, we will use proven investigative resources, pretrial preparation practices, and legal research to pave the way to get you compensated.

The faster you obtain good legal counsel from an Orlando medical malpractice attorney, the better. Call 888-726-6735, toll free, to speak with the DWKMR&S team. We offer free, confidential consultations and contingency representation. This means you only pay fees or costs if and when we obtain a recovery for you in a settlement or trial verdict.


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Orlando medical malpractice attorneys of DWKMR&S win trial award of $7000,000 in damages in podiatric malpractice case.