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That women should even have to consult an unnecessary hysterectomy lawyer is a tragedy, especially when you consider that medical science has demonstrated the danger of premature surgeries for decades. The American Medical Association in the late 1980s conducted a study and discovered that approximately half of the 700,000 plus hysterectomies performed in the United States every year were not necessary. Another organization, the Hysterectomy Education and Resource Service (HERS), sent 110,000 women to board certified gynecologists for second opinions before scheduled surgery. Amazingly, 98% of these women did not need a hysterectomy.

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In many cases, doctors recommend surgery out of fear of fibroids and ovarian cancer. But removing the uterus, cervix, and ovaries in a woman can have profound, irreversible effects on her hormonal balance that can lead to complications ranging from the mundane (e. g. weight gain) to the surprising and scary (e. g. possible increased risk of metabolic syndrome). Although the damage may have been done, victims need monetary compensation to pay for costs such as future medical and surgical bills, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, and estrogen replacement therapy. The reputable, experienced team at Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP has been working on behalf of Florida personal injury and medical malpractice victims for more than two decades. Whereas many law firms that represent victims of unnecessary surgeries strive to take on as many clients as they can handle, our firm runs on a very different philosophy. We take our time with our clients, keep them informed and in relaxed control, and leverage deep resources to provide genuine support. Speak with lawyers who are proven in handling unnecessary surgery cases. Your consultation is free, and our team will answer every question you have.

An Unnecessary Hysterectomy Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Further Mistakes

Women who suffer through an unnecessary surgery may be stimulated to over-react or under-react to the challenges. Some women may grow so distrustful of the medical establishment that they will deliberately fail to get more care. Others, out of desperation, embark on a regimen of questionable therapies to “fix” their medical problems. Still others do nothing out of fear, anxiety, or simple exhaustion. The team at DWKMR&S has the resources, skills, wherewithal, and compassion to help you approach the aftermath of your unnecessary hysterectomy strategically. Our goal is to help you feel back in control, supported, and satisfied with your support.

The Stakes are High – The Sooner You Take Action, the Better

As the days and weeks pass after your surgery, more and more information that might be relevant to your case will be lost. This information might include eyewitness testimony, medical records, and documentation of side effects that resulted from the surgery. Talk to an unnecessary hysterectomy lawyer at DWKMR&S today at 888-726-6735. We provide contingency representation for personal injury clients. Unless we obtain a recovery for you, you will pay no costs or fees.


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Unnecessary hysterectomy nearly kills a healthy woman. DWKMR&S lawyer negotiates a confidential settlement with the clinic on her behalf.