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You never wanted to be in a position to have to search for an Orlando wrongful death attorney. But tragedy struck, and now you and your family are struggling to understand how to put your lives back together. Whether you lost a spouse in a devastating truck accident; a beloved uncle due to medical negligence during a surgery; or a young child in a drowning accident, your life has been thrown out of balance. A trusted, experienced legal team can provide direction to help you begin to make sense of what has happened.

The Florida wrongful death and personal injury firm of Dellecker, Wilson, King, McKenna, Ruffier & Sos, LLP has been helping victims throughout the state of Florida obtain compensation for their losses and damages for over two decades. Our passion is to help truly hurt victims regain control of their lives, obtain monetary compensation, and hold negligent or careless wrongdoers responsible for their actions.

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Not every law firm operates according to this philosophy. Sadly, some law firms take on personal injury cases rather indiscriminately. They earn money by settling many cases quickly. We scrutinize cases carefully, and we only represent a small percentage of potential clients. Our goal is to offer personal representation.

To discuss your case, please speak with an Orlando wrongful death attorney now. Your consultation is free, and we can answer all of your questions, even the more complicated and emotionally fraught ones.

Taking Stock of Your Options, Understanding Your Rights

If you witnessed a devastating accident or illness, and you believe someone else or some institution caused or worsened the problem, you may feel an urgent, compelling drive to hold the alleged wrongdoer accountable. It is natural to develop instant judgments about who should be held responsible and how. It may, however, be more productive to analyze the case in a more objective manner.

For instance, consider the case of a woman who loses her husband in a South Florida car crash on I-95. She might immediately leap to the conclusion that the distracted driver should be solely to blame. But a deeper probe of the accident may reveal that the driver’s brakes failed before the crash. In this case, both the other driver and the manufacturer of the driver’s brakes might be liable.

Our firm excels in the investigative research upfront to ensure that the most favorable outcome is achieved and the highest monetary amount is awarded. Thus, when our firm “wins” a case, it looks very different from what another law firm might define as a “win”.

The Difference an Experienced Orlando Wrongful Death Attorney Can Make

The lawyers at DWKMR&S can help you systematically develop a strategy to get the compensation you and your family need for funeral costs, medical bills, lost future wages, loss of consortium, and other costs. Our lawyers are peerless researchers, courtroom performers, and investigators, and we offer our services on a contingency basis. In other words, you will not pay any fees or costs for our services unless we win a trial verdict for you or win a settlement.

Don’t wait to get the legal help you need. As time passes after the accident or illness, witness testimony and other evidence may get lost or may become less accurate. To learn about the case value of wrongful death accidents, review our trustworthy free resources, or connect with our team today at 888-726-6735 for immediate assistance.


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