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From Tragedy to Triumph: How a Burn Survivor Became a Source of Inspiration

Allison Massari is one of our most inspiring clients. In 1998, she was involved in a horrific collision that left her trapped inside a burning car while conscious. Her survival is owed to the selfless act of a man who witnessed the accident, ran toward the fire, and kicked in the car window to retrieve Allison. Over 50% of her body was burned, but she survived!

Healing and Helping Others

Just one year later, during her continued recovery, Allison created The Roger Pepper Adventure Camp for Teen Burn Survivors, which was named in honor of her rescuer. Taking place at the Adaptive Sports Center in Crested Butte, Colorado, the camps promote and provide outdoor recreation to teenagers with severe burns. The activities offered in these summer and winter camps teach young burn survivors new life skills, build self-confidence, and empower them to be more comfortable with their physical and emotional scars.

“For a young person who is suffering, it is vital for them to know that they can hang on – especially when they feel alone. They can go back to the memory of their experiences at the camp and know that they are truly cared for and supported, and that they are capable of doing great things. There is no substitute for that,” explained Allison.

Tenacity and Vigor

These camps are ongoing and continue to have a significant and positive impact on the lives of teen burn survivors. But the story doesn’t end there. Three years after her initial accident, Allison was involved in another collision that resulted in a serious head injury. Her tenacity and vigor again led her to a place of healing, and now Allison shares her extraordinary story through her work as a public and motivational speaker. She is an incredible entrepreneur and artist, and an inspiration to all who have the good fortune to meet her. She is just one of several clients who have turned a tragic story into a story of triumph. It was our honor to be part of Allison’s journey.

Help Make an Impact

Click here to make a donation to The Roger Pepper Adventure Camp for Teen Burn Survivors to help Allison continue this important work.