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Potential Risks of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgical systems are often described as a breakthrough in medical technology. Yet some doctors only get a week of training before they utilize the robots in surgery. Is that enough training? Da Vinci Robotic surgery hysterectomy lawsuits have been filed by...

Q&A with Dan’s Donuts with Dad

1. Dan’s Donuts with Dad: What is it all about and why should CP neighbors get involved?

DDWD is all about celebrating the joy of fatherhood. The concept started with several friends getting together with their kids and allowing the mothers to enjoy some time alone. It has evolved into an organization that promotes fatherhood in Central Florida, organizes free events for the community, and supports other organizations in the area. CP neighbors should want to get involved because DDWD is a representation of what makes CP so great. People come to CP because it is a tight community. How great is it to walk outside and see kids playing on the streets, families walking to local restaurants, and houses participating in holiday events? They say it takes a village to raise a kid. Well CP is an amazing village that should want to see the children of Central Florida thrive.

2. What made you decide on Trunk or Treat for your first annual Halloween event?

We decided to do trunk or treat because it was fun, and College Park has always had such an energy surrounding Halloween. It also allowed us to introduce local businesses (those who did the trunks) with the community (those who came to get treats). When we choose activities to do we want them to be fun, involve dads, and positively impact the community.

Medicare Fraud and Malpractice

DO NO HARM? A local doctor violated his oath and took advantage of the most vulnerable Most doctors consider the Hippocratic Oath – do no harm to patients – a sacred ethical statement that guides them through their careers. Unfortunately, there are doctors who prey on...

Do You Know the Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Do you know the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury? Many people are unable to identify the symptoms of a brain injury because there are so many factors to consider. The symptoms can be similar to those caused by strokes and other health problems. Concussion symptoms...

Orlando Carbon Monoxide Lawsuit Case Study

I recently resolved an interesting case for a client who sustained a significant brain injury after she unknowingly inhaled carbon monoxide – she almost died. The story is told below, but it is important to share that the Defendants in the case refused to accept any...

Central Florida Boy Scouts Eagle Class named for Bill Ruffier

DWKMRS partner Bill Ruffier has had a lifelong dedication to the Boy Scouts. In Central Florida, the Eagle Class is named each year with that of an outstanding eagle scout in our community. This individual is selected by the council leadership to honor their contributions to Scouting. This year, Bill Ruffier was selected for this honor.

The Council Recognition Banquet brings together over 900 top corporate and community leaders throughout Central Florida each year to honor both the recent Class of Eagle Scouts who achieved the highest rank in Scouting and the outstanding adult Scouters for their contributions to the Scouting program with the Silver Beaver Award. The Silver Beaver Award is the highest council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America.