What to do if the at-fault driver lied to insurance

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at-fault driver lied to insurance

When the at-fault driver lies or fails to tell the whole story to the insurance company after a car accident, you may not receive the compensation owed to you. The insurance company will initially believe what the other driver told them. They will then use that information to make decisions about a claim. If the other driver lied, the burden of proving that lie falls on your shoulders.

In situations like this, it is critical to have an experienced Orlando car accident lawyer available to help you gather the crucial evidence needed in a case like this. Depending on a skilled attorney can be critical to ensuring you receive the compensation owed to you.

Can you verify the accuracy of the police report?

One of the first steps to take after an at-fault driver lies to insurance is to ensure the police report of the accident is accurate. If the police report contains inaccurate, missing, or otherwise untrue information, work with the police officer who reported to the scene to correct it. This takes some delicate balancing. You must be sure the police officer has more to use than your word on what occurred. Present any evidence possible to clarify the details.

The police report could help clarify the driver’s lies to the insurance company. The company will verify the accuracy of their statements with that documentation. However, this may not be enough to get the compensation owed to you.

Can I work with my attorney to gather evidence?

When the other driver lies, any evidence you can find to help bolster your side of the story is critical. Various types of evidence could help to do this. Some examples include the following:

  • Traffic camera footage
  • Witness statements
  • Photos and video of the area from security cameras
  • Evidence from the damage at the scene
  • Expert medical opinion
  • Accident reconstruction  specialists

Sometimes, your car accident attorney can go further to pressure the at-fault driver to tell the truth. This may include formally requesting cell phone records, data logs and records from the car, navigational software details, and even medical lab results. By asking for this information from the court, it is possible to spot mistakes in the other driver’s story. This may also encourage the insurance company to change its mind.

Will the car insurance companies fight me?

The at-fault driver’s insurance provider will likely fight against any claims you make. When you can show the other driver lied, it could increase the compensation they must pay you. They have a right to avoid fraudulent claims, but you have damages that deserve financial relief from the responsible party. It is critical to work closely with your attorney to minimize any risk of lies or a lack of evidence from occurring.

Your car accident attorney should work to:

  • Gather evidence to support your claim
  • Find mistakes or errors in the statement provided by the at-fault driver to the insurance
  • Use the police report to refute claims
  • Gather evidence from new sources when necessary
  • Provide the court with doubt about the trustworthiness of the other party
  • Use statements by all parties to pinpoint errors and discrepancies that cast doubt on the at-fault driver

Insurance companies use the information they have to make decisions. In a situation where it is only one person’s word over the other, they will often trust the party they represent. They will pick and choose the evidence and data available and use them in calculating your claim. As a result, they may reduce what they pay you.

Why do I need to hire an attorney now?

The sooner you hire an attorney to defend your right to compensation, the better. Your car accident attorney will have access to fresh evidence and details that could help to build your case. Be sure to tell your attorney every detail you remember of the accident. Ensure they have all the necessary data to help you move through this process and clarify the situation.

It is not uncommon for people to lie after a crash for many reasons. However, their choice to avoid the truth can impact your claim dramatically and negatively. Having an attorney can help to reduce some of that risk to you.

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