Pediatric Retinoblastoma: Seeking Legal Help From An Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorney

After the shock of a pediatric retinoblastoma diagnosis wears off, many parents wonder, “Should we seek legal help?”

Consulting with a medical malpractice attorney can help families make peace with the situation by ensuring they have done all they can to further protect their child and other children from issues stemming from a pediatric retinoblastoma diagnosis. At a time when families are emotionally and financially strained, a settlement can help ease their worries and provide peace of mind for the future.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the situations surrounding pediatric retinoblastoma diagnoses that have led to lawsuits.

Examples Of Pediatric Retinoblastoma Cases

Earlier this month, we highlighted the story of Norah Celinski, now three years old, who was diagnosed with pediatric retinoblastoma at just 6 months of age. In Norah’s case, the condition was likely present since birth but had never been caught by her regular pediatrician. This is just one example of a pediatric retinoblastoma legal case; others include:

  • Misdiagnosis. A pediatric retinoblastoma misdiagnosis occurs when a child is examined and something is found, but it is not diagnosed as retinoblastoma. There are many reasons this can occur from medical complications to medical negligence. The end result is the child failing to receive proper treatment in a timely manner.
  • Delayed Diagnosis. Sometimes, the diagnosis is later than it should be. This is particularly dangerous since delay of treatment can lead to eye loss or partial or complete blindness. A delayed diagnosis happens when the medical professional does not observe and identify the patient’s signs and symptoms of retinoblastoma when they first appear.
  • Failure to Diagnose. In this instance, a medical professional does not diagnose retinoblastoma at all. Too often in these cases, families don’t receive a diagnosis until the symptoms become so severe that another medical professional is sought out.
  • Diagnosis Error. This is when a child receives an incorrect diagnosis, whether of retinoblastoma or not. They may then receive treatment that doesn’t treat the actual condition.

In all of these situations, the child’s health issues are exacerbated and, many times, additional health issues are created.

Consulting An Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorney

In any of the above situations, it’s possible to seek legal action with help from a medical malpractice attorney. Families who believe their child has suffered due to a misdiagnosis, missed or delayed diagnosis, or a failure to diagnose should contact an Orlando attorney who is experienced with pediatric retinoblastoma as soon as possible to determine if they have grounds to file a lawsuit.

A pediatric retinoblastoma medical malpractice attorney can help:

  • Gather information, documentation, and evidence.
  • Review laws and requirements for filing a lawsuit.
  • Conduct legal and medical research.
  • Interview witnesses and medical experts.
  • Negotiate with the defendant and insurance companies to secure compensation.
  • Bring your case to trial.

A diagnosis of pediatric retinoblastoma does not guarantee that you’ll have a medical malpractice case, but it’s worth exploring and having your questions answered.

Bill Ruffier, a pediatric retinoblastoma attorney at DWKMRS, is skilled at getting to the heart of the matter and ascertaining case potential. Contact Orlando medical malpractice attorney Bill Ruffier at DWKMRS today to discuss your situation.

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