What to do after being in a trucking accident

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The minutes and days after being hit by a tractor-trailer or other heavy-duty commercial vehicle are chaotic and painful, but knowing what to do after one of these accidents can significantly impact your claim.

Our skilled Orlando truck accident lawyers are often asked about the best steps to take after a trucking accident. Today, we’re discussing five things to do after a trucking accident to protect yourself and your rights. When you’re ready, our experienced Florida truck accident attorneys are here to provide advice and guidance.

what to do after a truck accident

1. Prioritize your health

If you didn’t call for emergency medical care at the accident scene, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. After a wreck, your body releases adrenaline, which masks pain. You may be seriously injured but not feel it, which can be dangerous.

In addition, some soft tissue injuries, internal organ damage, and brain trauma may not present symptoms immediately. A prompt medical exam detects crash-related injuries you may not realize you suffered. In many cases, your odds of recovery improve the earlier you get treatment.

Adhere to all doctor-directed aftercare instructions and attend follow-up appointments. Save all medical records related to the accident. These help establish the extent of your injuries, link their cause to the truck crash, and help your truck accident attorney properly value your claim.

2. Report the accident

Any commercial vehicle traffic accident must be reported to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department (FHSMV). You may also need to file a police report related to the incident. If you called 911 after the crash, the responding police officer’s official report should meet your legal reporting needs to the state.

You usually also have to report the accident to your insurance carrier, even if you didn’t cause the wreck. Failing to do so within a certain timeframe (usually 10-30 days from the accident) may invalidate your policy.

3. Stay off social media

What you post on your social media accounts could derail your entire claim. One poorly worded post or photo of you may prove to the other side that you’re not as badly hurt as you claim. It could even suggest that you’re a reckless person who probably caused the accident—or at least contributed most of the fault. As we know, just because something is seen a certain way on social media doesn’t mean that it is reality.

The defense may monitor your social media accounts, so make sure your settings are private. Don’t accept new friends or follow requests until the conclusion of your case. It’s not uncommon for the defense to monitor a plaintiff’s social media accounts and even try to add you as a friend.

Follow your lawyer’s advice about social media and notify them if you notice suspicious activity or if someone is taking an excessive interest in your accident and injuries.

4. Collect and preserve evidence

Although our legal team conducts an independent investigation into the accident and its cause, you also play a large role in building your case. Save any photos or videos you took of the crash scene, your vehicle, and your injuries, and give copies to your lawyer. Jot down any witnesses’ names and contact information, including vehicle passengers, and note descriptions of any other witnesses.

Save any documentation from the accident, from your medical records to estimates for vehicle repair and other damaged property.

Consider keeping a journal of your daily pain levels and how your injuries impact your daily life, including your ability to work or care for your family. Your lawyer may use this to establish a value for your pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life.

5. Talk to an experienced Florida trucking accident attorney

Don’t forget to call a lawyer as soon as you can. They start protecting you immediately, including handling communication with the other side on your behalf. You can rest without worrying about invasive phone calls or visits.

Do you need help knowing what to do after a truck accident?

You’re not alone if you’re unsure where to turn after a semi-truck collision. The DWK Law team is here to walk beside you, offering individualized advice at each turn and guiding you through the claims process. We’re a strong team of commercial truck accident lawyers ready to defend your interests and advocate for your rights.

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