A Concussion Can Change Your Life, and So Can a Verdict

A Concussion Can Change Your Life, and So Can a Verdict

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Today I want to share the story of a client of mine who has been through the fire and finally got some justice. In 2006, Owen came from Virginia to Orlando for a paintball tournament, and while he was at the tournament site, a large, tethered advertising balloon came crashing down on his head.

Since then, he has suffered the effects of his diagnosed traumatic brain injury. In the eleven years that have transpired, not only has he contended with debilitating, persistent headaches that deeply impacted his relationships, his ability to work, and his hope for the future. He has also incurred medical bills upwards of $60,000 in his search for wellness.

The defendants in his case tried to avoid responsibility for over a decade, but last month a jury decided for my client and awarded him $1.25 million. This verdict has transformed Owen’s future.

I am passionate about serious cases like these, cases where people have experienced life-altering injuries through no fault of their own. Cases where a firm with experience, confidence, and resources can help your family obtain a monetary recovery for damages and costs you have endured from a disaster.

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