What happens when you reject an insurance settlement offer?

what happens when you reject an insurance settlement offer

When receiving a settlement offer, it is just that – an offer. If you do not believe it is fair or meets your expectations, you can reject the offer, returning you to the negotiation process. Your rejection of an offer should include a counteroffer, which is usually higher than their settlement but may be lower […]

Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness

Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month is an effort to prevent impaired driving. Unfortunately, impaired driving spikes during the holidays, so it’s no wonder that December was the chosen month to bring awareness to this issue. There were as many as 5,125 alcohol related accidents in Florida, in 2017. Over 350 of those included fatalities. […]

Do You Know the Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Do you know the symptoms of a traumatic brain injury? Many people are unable to identify the symptoms of a brain injury because there are so many factors to consider. The symptoms can be similar to those caused by strokes and other health problems. Concussion symptoms can take a while to manifest. Some symptoms appear […]

Orlando Carbon Monoxide Lawsuit

I recently resolved an interesting case for a client who sustained a significant brain injury after she unknowingly inhaled carbon monoxide – she almost died. The story is told below, but it is important to share that the Defendants in the case refused to accept any responsibility for years until they were exposed as being […]

A Concussion Can Change Your Life, and So Can a Verdict

While popular culture immediately associates brain injury with professional football players, minor brain trauma can also be debilitating and happen to anyone. One example of brain trauma is post-concussive syndrome (also known as post-concussion syndrome or PCS). While the body often self-heals concussions in one to six weeks, some are more serious and life-changing. In […]

Soccer and Personal Injury: Traumatic Brain Injuries From Soccer Heading

In a world that is more and more cognizant of the long-term damage that head injuries can do to a person, it’s a wonder that soccer has made it this far without enacting better protections for players. It remains one of the only sports that actually encourages the use of the head to control or […]

Pediatric Retinoblastoma: Seeking Legal Help From An Orlando Medical Malpractice Attorney

After the shock of a pediatric retinoblastoma diagnosis wears off, many parents wonder, “Should we seek legal help?” Consulting with a medical malpractice attorney can help families make peace with the situation by ensuring they have done all they can to further protect their child and other children from issues stemming from a pediatric retinoblastoma […]

What is My Case Worth?

Watch this video to learn how the law firm of Dellecker Wilson King McKenna Ruffier & Sos evaluates the value of legal cases. Orlando attorney Ken McKenna discusses the various attributes that help determine what a case is worth, and the thorough approach taken by the firm to get fair results for clients. https://youtu.be/SZuAWkv9hWk Ken […]